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A seven-part series focusing on the many ways in which the Second World War impacted the lives of American families. Plot summaryAdd synopsis


The music criticisms are from folks who apparently didn’t live through the era. Swing songs TV were what everybody was listening to, dancing to and romancing to during WW II. In my opinion, the music was perfect. Even our GI’s listened to it wherever they were. Even I, as a young boy remember nearly every song because I lived during those difficult times. The music picked up our spirits, took our minds off the horrible stories of combat and death occurring all around us. The sad and slow symphonic and odd flute sounds should remind one of the eerie and uncommon circumstances we all had to face during those times. And that death in combat is not a usual experience for most of us. Actually, I think the combat sequences and death scenes should be required viewing for all the kids being raised and educated today. They need to see the horrible sacrifices this nation made to be certain they, we and many other nations remained free from maniacal tyrants and killers like the Jap emperor Hirohito, Tojo, Hitler and all their ilk, and still some who stalk this country as you read this. If everyone watched and listened without criticizing to the message of those who fought this war, the families who remained at home and worried, cried, prayed and mourned their dead, they might just get in tune with why this country is so great. We get to watch films like this because our fighting men and women knew the value of freedom and many, too many, sacrificed, were wounded physically and mentally, and too often paid the ultimate price so we can watch these films and don’t have to speak Japanese, German or any other conqueror’s language. So, shut up about the music already! Listen to the message! Please.Contribute to this laman

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By what name was The War (2007) officially released in Canada in English?

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