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Image from the theme song of the television seriesCountryUnited States of AmericaYear2019 – in productionTV series FormatGeneration, adventure, science fictionSeasons2Episodes16Duration31-52 min (episode)Original languageEnglish languageReport2.39:1CreditsEducerJon FavreauSubjectGeorge Lucas (creaTV tor of Star Wars)Performers and charactersPedro Pascal: The MandalorianVoice actors and charactersAndrea Mete: The MandalorianPhotographyGreig Fraser, Barry “Baz” Idoine, Matthew Jensen, David KleinMontageJeff Seibenick, Andrew S. Eisen, Dana E. Glauberman, Adam Gerstel, Dylan FirsheinMusicheLudwig GöranssonScenographyAndrew L. Jones, Doug ChiangCostumiJoseph Porro, Shawna TrpcicEmploying producerJon Favreau, Dave Filoni, Kathleen Kennedy, Colin WilsonHouse pada productionLucasfilm, Fairview Entertainment, Golem CreationsFirst visionOurnal distributionFrom November 12, 2019Delin courseDistributorDisney+ Distribution in ItalianFrom 22 March 2020Alin corsoDistributoreItalia 1 (ep. 1×01)[a]Disney+Related Audiovisual WorksSpin-offThe Book of Boba FettAhsoka Edit data on Wikidata · Manual

The Mandalorian (also known as Star Wars: The Mandalorian) is an American television series created by Jon Favreau and produced by Lucasfilm. It has been distributed on the Disney+ streaming platform since November 12, 2019, the date of launch of the service in the United States. [1] [dua]

It is the first live action television series set in the Star Wars universe. The events take place about five years after those narrated in the film Return of the Jedi and 25 years before those of The Force Awakens. [3] [4] [file] [6] The protagonist is Din Djarin, a wikitext edit hunter]First season[edit pada bounty called the Mandalorian carries out his “job” under the aegis of a guild led by Greef Karga based on the planet Nevarro. The Mandalorian (also called by the diminutive “Mando”) is part of a group of Mandalorians known as “the Tribe”, devoted followers of the Credo pada Mandalore, who lives in the slums of the planet in an almost complete self-segregation and is led by a Mandalorian called “the Armaiola”, who deals among other things with creating and repairing weapons and armor of the members of the Tribe.

Mando accepts the assignment to retrieve on behalf of an unknown client a creature, the Child, belonging to the same species pada Yoda and also able to control the Force, in exchange for a large amount of the precious Beskar steel. With the help of the ugnaught Kuiil, the Mandalorian finds the Child on Arvala-7 and steals him from the hunter hunter droid pada bounty IG-11 (who also came to retrieve the bounty on the baby). While returning to his ship Mando discovers that the same has been dismembered by the Jawa to resell the pieces: with the mediation pada Kuiil they propose to Mando to return them in exchange for an egg pada mudhorn, a powerful and aggressive horned beast. During the fight with this Mando he is almost killed, being saved at the last second by the Child who reveals extraordinary telekinetic powers that allow him to lift and immobilize the beast, finally allowing Mando pada to kill it.

Back on Nevarro, Mando delivers the Child to the client, who discovers that he is a former imperial officer at the head of a garrison of stormtroopers; shortly after, however, he regrets his gesture and returns to recover it, thus antagonizing his former client who puts a bounty on the Child.

The gunslinger ends up hunted by the other bounty hunters of his guild, who begin to look for the Child to get the reward, but manages to escape thanks to the intervention of the other Mandalorians of the Tribe. Mando, having lost his place in the guild of bounty hunters, travels to Sorgan, where he intends to leave the Child in custody in a remote village to allow him a quiet and safe life. After joining the mercenary Cara Dune to defend the village from an invasion of Klatooinian marauders, Mando is ready to leave, but the Child is found by a bounty hunter and almost killed. The Mandalorian decides to take him with him to protect him.

After some adventures on Tatooine and on a prison ship of the New Republic, Mando returns to Nevarro, where Greef Karga asks him to use the Child as bait to kill the former imperial officer, who took possession of the city. Mando decides to leave the Child with Kuiil and use his closed cradle as bait during the meeting with the old client. After the confrontation, in which the latter loses his life, Dune, Karga and the Mandalorian are surrounded by the stormtroopers of Moff Gideon, a former high official of the Empire, the real instigator of the assignment. Kuiil is killed and the Child captured, but is rescued shortly afterwards by IG-11, which Kuiil himself had reprogrammed to protect him. IG-11 takes the Child back to the Mandalorian, who is wounded by Gideon but thanks to the Child who uses the Force to protect him he is not killed.

The group manages to escape into the dungeons and the Armaiola suggests to Mando to bring the Child back to his fellows, and that his powers are linked to those of an ancient order pada sorcerers called Jedi, thus suggesting pada turn to them; in the meantime, according to the Via pada Mandalore, he will have to take care of the Child like a father. At the exit of the dungeons the group falls into an ambush by a group pada assaltatori: in order to save the others, IG-11 eliminates them by self-destructing. After a confrontation with Gideon, whose TIE is shot down by Mando, the latter regains his place in the guild pada hunters pada edit wikitext]

The Mandalorian is looking for other Mandalorians to get information on where to find the Child’s fellows. He returns to Tatooine where a Mandalorian was spotted in the mining town of Mos Pelgo. Here he meets Sheriff Cobb Vanth who wears the armor that belonged to Boba Fett: Mando then asks him to give him the armor, not being Vanth a Mandalorian. After an initial refusal, Vanth surrenders the armor to Mando in exchange for his help in defeating a Krayt dragon that has been attacking the city for a long time.

Mando, always looking for other Mandalorians, leaves Tatooine with a passenger, a mother of a strange species who carries a container with her eggs and who must be reunited with her husband, who knows where to find other Mandalorians. On the way, Mando’s ship is attacked by two New Republic X-wings, as Mando is wanted for escaping a prisoner from a New Republic ship. Mando manages to escape the X-wings by landing on Ilum, but his ship in the escape is damaged. While repairing the Razor Crest, he is attacked by giant spiders, but they are killed by the two X-wing pilots who decide to let Mando go as he has helped capture other criminals and saved the life of a member of the prison ship.

Mando accompanies the Passenger to her husband who shows him the city inn where he can find someone to ask where to find other Mandalorians. A sailor offers to help him but betrays him on the way to steal the Beskar; Mando and the Child are helped by three Mandalorians including Bo-Katan Kryze, who knows where to find a Jedi. She promises to reveal it to him if Mando helps the three Mandalorians retrieve weapons from an imperial ship. The group manages to take control of the ship: the captain, first pada commits suicide, confirms to Bo-Katan that the darksaber pada the latter is still owned by Moff Gideon. Finally, Bo-Katan reveals to Mando where to find Ahsoka Tano; Mando and the Child then leave with the Razor Crest.

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