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Star Wars is a fantasy/adventure series set “in a galaxy far, far away a very long time ago”. The first film in the series came in 1977, and since then the films have developed into a definite franchise, which includes nine films, several computer games, books, fan fiction short stories, several fan films and much more. The universe and history were founded by George Lucas, and are characterized by a very large fictional universe with several parallel actions and a rich background to the story. The movies have a very large fan base all over the world. The universe[edit 5 billion years before the events of the first of the 9 films (“The Invisible Enemy”) took place. Regions[edit 5 edit source text]

Warning! – Action, ending, and/or plot are revealed below.

Star Wars follows boy Anakin Skywalker’s path to becoming a Jezier; his dream suddenly comes within reach when Qui-Gon Jinn and his padawan (Jedi apprentice) Obi-Wan Kenobi crash land on Anakin’s home planet of Tatooine. Qui-Gon soon realizes that Anakin is special, and the boy’s training in the Force begins, even if the Jedi Council opposes it. Already at a very young age, Anakin falls in love with the young Queen Padmé Amidala; a crush that follows him, for better or worse, for the next ten years of his life. He reunites with her after an assassination that costs the life of Amidala’s doppelganger and they marry in secret, although this is forbidden to Jedies.

Anakin is swirled more and more into political life on the government planet Coruscant, where an old but very massive conspiracy against the Jedi appears, and Anakin becomes ignorant toss-up between the Jedi Council and Senate Chancellor Palpatine, who turns out to know the dark side of the Force — something the Jedi are constantly warned against. Anakin becomes the trigger for the conspiracy, which nearly wipes out the Jedi Order and at the same time inserts Palpatine as emperor of the galaxy. Padmé, unbeliefingly, manages to give birth to twins before she dies, around the same time that Anakin is wounded life-threatening during a lightsaber duel with his old teacher (Obi-Wan Kenobi), but is rescued by Palpatine and restabilized in Darth Vader’s distinctive black suit. The way is thus open for Palpatine and Vader to rule the Galactic Empire.

Many years later, a rebel alliance is formed, and the young, fiery Luke Skywalker more or less deliberately joins to free Princess Leia along with the smuggler and straten robber Han Solo. Luke learns after his training as a Jedir knight under Yoda that his father is Darth Vader. Luke tries to persuade Vader to return to the good side, and it almost costs his life. Luke ends up in an open fight against Palpatine – a fight that ends with Vader throwing Palpatine into the depths of the Death Star.

After the destruction of the Second Death Star and the death of Emperor Palpatine, the Galactic Empire crumbles, but from the ashes of the Empire the First Order is born with Snoke as supreme leader. The rebel alliance becomes the foundation of the new galactic republic, which supports the new resistance movement against the First Order. Luke sets out to train a new generation of Jedi knights, including Han Solo’s son, Ben Solo. Ben Solo, during his Jedi training, is seduced to the dark side by Supreme Leader Snoke of the First Order. Ben Solo therefore destroys Luke’s new Jedi temple and kills all Jedi apprentices. Ben Solo becomes a commander in the First Order and changes his name to Kylo Ren.

Without the Jedi, the Galactic Republic and the Resistance stand defenseless against the superior First Order. It is rumored that after the fall of his Jedi Temple, Luke has set out to find the galaxy’s first Jedi temple to find peace. The quest goes into finding Luke, and both the First Order and the Resistance try to assemble a map that can lead to Skywalker, but the last part of the map is found on Jakku by an ancient veteran of the ancient Galactic Empire. Poe Dameron, a star pilot of the Resistance, is sent to Jakku and finds the last part of the map for Skywalker, but the First Order arrives in Jakku and captures Poe. Fortunately, Poe manages to give the last part of the map to his droid BB-8, which escapes from the First Order. During the attack on Jakku, we meet a stormtrooper named Finn. Finn sees for the first time the result of the First Order massacre, and Finn is converted.

Kylo Ren gets information out of Poe and finds that the last part of the map is still on Jakku in BB-8. Finn helps Poe escape from the First Order spaceship, and they crash on Jakku. Finn survives the crash, but there is no evidence of Poe surviving.

On Jakku, BB-8 wanders around the desert and bumps into Rey, a scrap collector of mysterious ancestry. Rey is briefly introduced to BB-8’s plan and takes him to Niima’s outpost. In the city, Rey and BB-8 run into Finn looking for BB-8, but the first order has also arrived in town and is chasing our heroes. In their escape from the First Order, they find an ancient spaceship, the Millennium Falcon. They board the Millennium Falcon and flee from Jakku. A little outside Jakku’s atmosphere, they meet Han Solo and Chewbacca, who are no longer accompanied by the Resistance. Rey tells Han that they must get BB-8 to the Resistance’s base on the planet Illinium. He is not so fond of the idea, so he decides to drop them off at Maz Kanata’s castle on the planet Takodana. Maz tells him that he can no longer escape from this fight and that he must get BB-8 for the resistance himself. Inside Maz’s castle, Rey hears a voice and she follows the sound of the voice. She goes down to the basement and a door opens for her and she finds a box. Rey opens the box and finds a lightsaber, Anakin/Luke’s old lightsaber.

Revelations of action, ending, and/or plot end here. Production[edit

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